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Save $1000 in Development Costs with the TurboSaaS Boilerplate Just $129 $99 for 20+ Hours of development.


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Save time

Project setup = +2 hours

Auth & Providers = +4 hours

Components = +2 hours

Stripe = +4 hours

User dashboard = +2 hours

OpenAI Wrapper = +1 hours

Mails providers = +4 hours

Development time = +1 hour

= +20 hours saved 🎉

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Various features

Easy authentication

Whatever you need to do, we've got you covered. Spotify, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, LinkedIn, GitHub, OTP, credentials, and more. Do you know how hard it is to set up socials?

Easy forms

We provide a complete solution for forms, including validation, error handling, and more, all in one place. Avoid headaches with Zod and forms.

Easy payments

Stop getting stuck because of Stripe. We provide a complete solution for payments, so you can stay at peace.

Easy types

Types are the key to a well-designed app. With Inertia and AdonisJS, types are shared and easy to use.

Designed for you


Thanks to the Shadcn components, our boilerplate is a complete solution for everything you need. More than that, we included a lot of components to help you build your application, such as steppers,admin panels, tables, forms, etc. Moreover, we provided all the landing page components you need to create your own business.


We have shared types that allow you to retrieve whatever you want from the user to the front and get it in your application, completely safe and easy. Retrieving sent types from your backend automatically allows you to always control your data and display it on your pages.


Authentication can be a painful process. We provide a complete solution for authentication, including all the socials you need, as well as a complete solution for OTP, credentials, and more. Everything is 100% customizable; you can enable or disable every single method of authentication, and even add your own. Everything was designed for you.


Everything was designed for you. We provide a solution for MailGun or your own mail server. We included a lot of templates, written in MJML, a super easy language, including newsletters and everything you need for your business.

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TurboSaaS boilerplate

SEO optimized components & Pages

User dashboard & admin dashboard

Stripe integration

Mailgun emails integration & custom integration

Email templates

Community support on Discord & custom support

Access to modules

Lifetime updates

Why I Dropped NextJS/NestJS


I fell in love with AdonisJS and everything that comes with it. This framework is truly amazing; everything you need is there. If you want to do something out of the box, it’s still possible, unlike with NestJS or NextJS, which are more restrictive. I’ve already tested and used NextJS for many projects, and my conclusion is: it becomes a mess very quickly if you’re not careful. You lose track of what you’re doing and who manages what. AdonisJS and this boilerplate solve all these issues, making your code modular, scalable, and very easy to understand.

Modules ? What are modules


Scalable, modular, and easy to understand, we said so, we made it. Drag and drop modules to add functionality to your project. You can even create your own modules. I'll use this boilerplate each time I create a new project, and each project have their own modules. So why not share them with the community?

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